Law office Alexander Perov, LL.M.



Our achievements contain all questions of the general one as well as the special insurance right and the insurance supervision. On account of our specialised insurance lawyer education and long-standing experience we dispose of special knowledge in this area.

With the help of your valid insurance terms, which we call, if necessary with your insurer, we advice you regard to


the acceptance and the cancellation of your insurance contract

the insurer rights to rescind

the liability of the insurance broker

the ending of the contract


We check your contract of insurance with the help of your insurance policy and the in each case valid insurance terms and assert to you from the respective damage case to being entitled achievement claims. On this occasion, we care for the extrajudicial, as well as the judicial representation of your interests. In detail it can concern among other things the following claims:


Occupational disability or occupational disability complementary insurance: on this occasion, we check your claims to disability pension and put through for you.

Liability insurance: We assert their claims to cover protection.

Household effects assurance: in case of household effects damage we are your competent contact.

Legal protection assurance: we check your claims to cover protection and assumption of costs of the lawyer's costs and costs of an action and put suitable breaking even protection inquiries to your insurer.

Accident insurance: we enforce your achievement claims to invalidity benefits for you.


We advice you on claims of recourse of your insurer, if you should be accused to an injury by obligations before entry or in the verse protection case or with deliberate or roughly careless causing of the insured event.


If inevitably we can access the broadly diversified network from contracting and cooperation partners who support us vigorously in the areas notary’s office, tax and economic consultation, banks and estate agent and protect whose full support for you.