Law office Alexander Perov, LL.M.



We take over for you the treatment and winding up of traffic-juridical questions of the traffic civil and criminal law and breach of the law right.


In connection with our special detailed knowledge of the insurance law we enforce for you the comprehensive compensation claims, which are entitled to you as injured person of a traffic accident against the injuring party and his insurance. We deal with the regulation of the resulted damages as well as with future claims.


We also repulse the compensation claims wrongfully upraised by other party.


Our consultation starts immediately after the car accident. If you have no expert, we recommend you a choice from experienced consultants. We raise in your name the claim by height of the immediate damage, but assert possibly also other damage positions, as for example consultant's costs, towing charges, depreciation, failure of utilisation or replacement vehicle costs.


Personal damages can be remedial medical costs, nursing fees, possibly funeral expenses, loss of earnings, compensation and other claims.


We also enforce your claims, if the extrajudicial assertion should have led to no satisfactory result.


The traffic accidents in Germany with foreign participants or with German car drivers abroad are often represented in our practise. The procurement of information about, and the assertion of the claims towards the responsible damage regulation representatives, also belong to our main areas of interests.


We also take over the defence in traffic criminal law and breach of the law procedure. Besides, our consultation refers in particular in the cases of the accident escape, the careless physical injury or homicide in the traffic. Besides, their rights as a culprit, however, also your statement behaviour as a witness attract attention and our support.