Law office Alexander Perov, LL.M.



The lawyer's reimbursement law always forms the basis of the calculation of our achievements. The height of the cost mark determines itself with the help of the object value and the single fees resulting by the activity.

To hold your costs easy to grasp and to grant to you their maximum control, we discuss with you every single costs-releasing step before. Provided that divisible, we calculate the procedure in each case for the single phase. Before the new cost-intensive phase beginns, we give you the opportunity to discuss the present state of the procedure and the prospects of success for other action.

If you have taken out no legal expenses insurance or your insurer rejects the liability, we can offer you a fee agreement on the hourly base which is adapted individually in your case and to your needs.

Alternatively a adequate flat-rate fee agrement adopted to the meaning of your case is possible. This can be only corrected in the case of a considerable and clear disproportion to our actual amount of work involved.  




If you have taken out a legal expenses insurance in the past, we put for you with your insurer an inquiry for the breaking even. If an entire breaking even assent is given, we subtract our fees with your insurer, in this case to you there originate no costs. In this case  the costs of the first consultation are also payed by your legal expenses insurer.


Just in civil law (court) discussions the costs of the winning party are payed by the inferior party. In this winning case no additional costs originate to you.

Exceptions form, e.g., the cases of the insolvency of the inferior party. In this case the costs not to be recovered are imposed in spite of your winning on you. Also in case of a fee arrangement with us only the fees which are to be carried by the lawyer fees law are substituted by the opposition.

We inform you already in the first consultation not only about the prospects of success, but also about the height of the costs to be expected in your case. When required we provide an analysis of the legal costs risk forecast in your case.