Law office Alexander Perov, LL.M.



In cooperation with our long-standing partners we offer you a comprehensive specialised covering service. Moreover belong from the acquisition or the disposal of property about the development by providers up to the load with mortgages and servitude.


Among the rest, our achievements for the buyer or the shop assistant contain:

the examination of draughts and post-negotiations to the notary bills of sale

the consultation to the provisional agreements and authorities

the expert monitoring for the registration and the winding up ofcontracts, up to the entire successful end of a case

the consultation in the phase of the preparation, the execution of construction, the decrease, the contractual guarantee, up to the possibly necessary back winding up of the contract.


For claims enforcement we advice you on the suitable and sensible measures, negotiate extrajudicial with buyers, shop assistants, banks, assurances and building contractors. We represent your interests also in the judicial procedure, obtain temporary legal protection and raise actions for nullification or declaratory actions.


If inevitably we can access the broadly diversified network from contracting and cooperation partners who support us vigorously in the areas notary’s office, tax and economic consultation, banks and estate agent and protect whose full support for you.


In addition, we pursue execution for you, access the property of the debtor and use it for you.