Law office Alexander Perov, LL.M.



We advice you all around the juridical questions concerning the following company structures:

a corporation (AG)

a limited liability company (GmbH)

an enterpriser's society (with limited liability) (UG)

a society of civil law (GbR)

a limited partnership (KG)

a limited partnership on shares (KGaA)

an open trading company (OHG)

a legally responsible association or an association without legal capacity (e.V.)

an insurance association on mutuality (VVaG)

a Societas Europaea / European society (SE)

a private limited company (Ltd)


We accompany you started with a choice of the legal form optimum for you, about the constitution of the social contracts tailor-made for you and statutes up to the entire foundation or acquisition of your society or your enterprise.


We help you even more in the solution of your questions of the restructuring, change or integration of other societies in your group structure.


We prepare companion's meetings and companion's decisions for you and regulate individual questions like the recall of the managers or handing over of the shares.


For the penetration of your demands we advice you in detail to the suitable and sensible measures, draw your demands extrajudicial and, if agreed, also in the way of a judicial procedure, obtain temporary legal protection and raise actions for nullification or declaratory actions.


If inevitably we can access the broadly diversified network from contracting and cooperation partners who support us vigorously in the areas notary’s office, tax and economic consultation, banks and estate agent and protect whose full support for you.


In addition, we pursue execution for you, access the property of the debtor and use it for you.